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Is EDI Just for Big Business or Can Small Business Benefit Too?

by | Apr 20, 2023 | Blog

The implementation of EDI in business has grown over the years, representing an essential part of the supply chain for big corporations worldwide. Companies that manage thousands of orders daily require EDI systems to meet their customers’ needs.

But what about small businesses? Even businesses that only manage several orders a day can benefit from EDI. Using EDI can streamline every step of the supply chain process, ultimately saving a significant amount of time, money, and effort. Here are the most significant benefits of EDI for small businesses:

Increased Productivity

Manual data entry can take hours out of your workday to complete tedious tasks. EDI allows small businesses to automate and organize shipping orders, invoices, notices, and more, which helps your business receive and process orders at an exponentially faster rate. It also makes it easier to find data at a later point. EDI takes a massive weight off employees’ shoulders, giving them extra time to invest in other, more critical tasks.

Data Accuracy

Automation with EDI considerably increases data accuracy, so businesses won’t waste time fixing preventable errors. Manual data entry is not only tedious and time-consuming, but it also has a higher chance of mistakes that will hold up order processing and shipping. Quality data and order speed will maintain good relationships with business partners and customers.

Greater Security

EDI systems provide greater security to small businesses’ data, ultimately protecting profits by preventing data breaches. Companies can set up EDI systems so that only select people can access files, blocking data from getting into the wrong hands and making data access much easier for the right people. Files stored in flash drives or physical papers are also likely to be lost, so EDI systems are the perfect way to secure sensitive data and access it at all times.

Business Growth

Integrating EDI systems into your supply chain will prime your business for growth in the future, better preparing it for larger and more frequent orders as it expands. A quality EDI system will also open the doors to business partners who only agree to work with organizations with similar transaction standards.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

High customer satisfaction is a top-priority goal for businesses of all sizes. Customers are the foundation of all operations, and keeping your base happy is essential to running a successful business. By making sure your orders process and ship smoothly using EDI, you will be able to maintain healthy relationships with your customers by always getting orders done quickly and efficiently.

You can ensure the success of your small business data exchange using eVantage Direct’s EDI software. eVantage Direct supports its clients as they implement EDI into their businesses, guaranteeing that their software packages will increase workplace productivity, protect your data, and keep your customers happy. Check out eVantage Direct’s EDI services to learn how your small business can catch up to big business.


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